About us

Nankai UniversityCenter for Studies of Political Economy, established in December 2000, is a national key research base of humanities and social sciences jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Nankai University. The base is a research entity based on two national key disciplines, political economics and international finance, and supported by many doctoral programs such as western economics, regional economics, industrial economics, economic history, population resources and environmental economics, economic thought history and management. The Nankai University, Center for Studies of Political Economy is characterized by studying the basic theories of economics, and selects the major theoretical issues raised in the development process of contemporary capitalism and socialism, especially in the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, to make innovations and breakthroughs. The main research direction of the center is socialist economic theory and modern capitalist economic theory. There are 12 full-time researchers and 10 part-time researchers. The current director of the center is Professor Pang Jinju.